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 Our Most Popular Speaking Engagements Include: 

Marian and Saint Talks and Retreats:

Unearthing Our Sainthood- What does your unique and unrepeatable sainthood look like? Take some cues from the courageous saints who forged the way ahead of us.  What qualities do they have that you may also use to Glorify God.  You are called, possibly now more than ever before, to become the saint God created you to be. 

Horizontal Rosary- meditative rosary praying across the four sets of mysteries.  What do each of the sets first, second, third, etc. mysteries have in common?   How can we pray them with more insight and understanding?  Beth uses entertaining stories to help us deepen our knowledge and love of the rosary.  remarkable stories of faith and, of course, quiet time to reflect, share or journal.

A Journey through Sorrows to Find Extraordinary Faith-  Based on Beth's book The Seven Sorrow Bible Study for Catholics, this talk is about the timeless lessons found in Mary's sorrowful heart that was pierced seven times.  We will uncover beautiful mysteries woven through each of her sorrows and how we, too, can learn how to be pleasing to our God.  

Lenten Talks and Retreats:

Scripture is Best When it is Memorable, Useful and Fruitful-  An enlightening talk based on her Blood of the Lamb Bible Study. You will learn the significance of the seven times Jesus shed his blood for mankind and how those ancient wounds are still healing our souls today. 

Got Grace?  Don't Leave Lent without it!- What is grace and how can we make sure we get some?  An inspiring talk about how graces can be lost if we don't take the time to recognize and claim them.  Find ways to claim graces in a secular world and how to gift graces to others.

A Day to Honor Mary- A half-day or full day retreat honoring Mary through consecration prayers and beautiful artwork that reveals her perfect humility, sufferings, and joys. 

Stations of the Cross- Learn the history of the Stations of the Cross and how they grew in importance.  This interactive talk uses beautiful artwork as our guide through a meditative and reflective session.  Why did the artist choose to paint this moment in time this way?  How would you paint this particular Station?  Jesus allows each of us to participate in the sorrows of his Cross through our own earthly crosses.  Therefore, we will use the intensity of his cross to grow in faith and understanding for the crosses we are called to bear. 

Also ask about customized speeches and retreats for your Parish or group using Inspiration, Holy Scripture and the Rosary as our guide.  

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